At FLO Fitness & Wellness, we believe that every Mom and Dad should feel good about getting healthy. But it’s hard when you have to worry about leaving your kids with babysitters.  

Our mission is to give our busy parents a chance to find balance between getting a great workout and feeling secure and proud to bring your kids to FLO&grow child center.  Your kids will be in a safe, clean and FUN environment. We will offer daily activities that are fitness inspired for different age groups such as scavenger hunts in our outdoor area, obstacle courses and yoga just to name a few.

They will always be posted on our calendar so that you AND your child can have something to look forward to when you plan your morning or evening at FLO fitness studio.  Our staff will be fully engaged in making sure that kids of all ages are active and learning when they come to the child center.  Fitness can become a family activity that you all enjoy!

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